Primarily a street photographer. Interest is human interaction. Consider the bulk of my work as documentary. I am a historian of the passing moment. But I am also prone to artistic whimsy, most notably seen in my preoccupation with reflections, which represent photo realism of another sort. 

In the course of my photographic life I have shot thousands of strangers because I felt that they were in some way worthy of immortality. Thus far, none of them have complained. If you happen to be one of those strangers and do not wish to have your image displayed, please contact me through my e-mail. I'll remove your image.

I have used many different sorts of cameras over the years but in the last decade or so I have been using Leica M, Fujifilm and Sony rangefinders almost exclusively. I use both digital Leica M, Fujifilm and Sony and Leica M7 for film.

Toutes mes photographies candides reposent sur des clichés simples, sans artifices ni grandes mise en scènes, simplement la vie à l'état brut.